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Do you fear that you will never be a healthy weight? Have you given up of shifting your post baby weight? Are you looking forward to having YOURSELF back? Have you tried slogging it out at the gym only to see no results? Have you lost your way on where to even start with a healthier lifestyle?

Its ok, I have been there. After every baby I wonder if Ill ever feel myself again……..

I bet you have tried a few fad diets to ensure quicker results, or maybe you've lacked the energy to try anything.

Perhaps you start on Monday thinking, "I'll be healthier this week!" and then by Wednesday you're craving a wine and coffee again.

I'm sure you have tried to fix this problem before and carve a path back to YOU, but its felt lonely and everyone around you seems to be tucking into hot chips, chocolate and alcohol.

The trying and re-committing is exhausting, draining, lonely and the cycle is self-perpetuating.  You feel confused as to whether or not what you're doing will actually work.



Imagine being armed with the latest nutrition knowledge that you can apply practically to your meal preparation for yourself and your family……

Imagine waking up energised, clear, and with a new sense of gratitude for the day…..

Imagine having chunks of time allocated to your own self care…..

Imagine feeling awesome again when you're naked in front of your partner…..




The CLEANSE program works because

  • You are surrounded by a whole bunch of like-minded people inspiring one another throughout the whole process via a Facebook closed group

  • The group provides a safe place to share and be accountable for your actions

  • You are provided with detailed education sessions on the latest nutrition knowledge, toxicity, and where to find it and how to protect yourself and your family from it

  • You are given stress management techniques, mindfulness techniques, and meditation techniques

  • You are able to shift your state of consciousness and make these changes in your own home and environment so the changes are long term and sustainable

  • Juices are delivered to your door so there’s no reason to need to leave your home to engage in this cleanse

We work closely on mindset so that every participant has a sense of ‘freedom from food,' which is freedom from old patterns around food that were mindset-based or the result of family patterning.

If you are not feeling yourself, have tried many other diets and nutrition fads that haven’t worked for you, and you just want to find peace with food and yourself, then this program is for you.

This program is an excellent way to RESET, RENEW and TRANSFORM after pregnancy and breastfeeding, or to prepare for your next baby, lose those excess kilos, lose the brain fog, address your hormonal issues, and free yourself from FOOD. 



this is what previous participants shared post their cleanse experience

The cleanse was the ultimate reset. A wonderful way to get in touch with my body, set some intentions, work towards a better version of myself. Empowering. It was challenging yet manageable. It gave me the energy I have been craving (and seeking from the wrong sources) and helped me get back on track – I broke the cycle of grab & go, started to appreciate my food and think about what my body needs. So POWERFUL! Of course it was all made possible with your support, honesty and generosity – so grateful for everything you put in over that time as I know it would have been huge. Thank you Emily.
— Kate, Mother of 2 (Kensington Sydney)
The cleanse is amazing. It’s a 3 day juice fast and then 21 days of wholefood low inflammatory eating all guided by the incredible emily. You have two naturopathic treatments with her so having her complete support is so powerful and ensures you get the most out of it. She also does these amazing lives and shares all her deep knowledge on nutrition, detoxing, how to rid the chemicals in our life. You are also supported by the other people in the group so fully supported and accountable. So important. Best of all, emily helps you transition back into normal life with really sustainable positive changes.
— Francoise, Mother of 2, Darling Point