The Cleanse - February Full Payment

The Cleanse - February Full Payment


This program is designed to fast track your health journey and provide you with all the tools you need to revolutionise your diet and as a result your overall health.

This is a 28 day program that will detoxify, clear and re-set your and leave you with sustainable changes, tools and techniques to empower you to live a toxin free and nourished life forevermore

When is the CLEANSE? 

17th February - 17th March 2019

What does the CLEANSE include?

  • 3 day JUICE FAST from Orchard Street Cleanse (for Sydney based cleansers) or affiliate juice company (if you are outside of Sydney)

  • 30 minute Naturopathic Consultation and full health assessment with myself! (health fund rebates apply) ~ phone, skype and face to face available

  • 4 weeks of online support including facebook live videos guiding you through the various stages of the cleanse, PDF document containing recipes and meal plans, closed Facebook group to communicate with other cleansers during the month and post the cleanse.

Who would benefit from the CLEANSE?

  • if you are trying for a baby

  • if you are wanting to loose extra unwanted kilos

  • if you are looking for sustainable change in your eating habits and choices for 2018

  • if you are suffering from hormonal imbalances, PCOS, endometriosis

  • if you have digestive issues, constipation, headaches and fatigue

  • if you would like increased energy levels 

  • if you are experiencing foggy toxic thoughts

  • if you are suffering from anxiety and depression 

  • if you are feeling sluggish after the christmas period

  • if you are wanting to get more out of your exercise regime

  • you are wanting to make better more sustainable food choices


What am I getting when joining the cleanse?




  • PDF document on recipes, shopping lists, meal plans $100


  • Unlimited support via email and facebook $200


COST $999

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Can you do the cleanse while you are breastfeeding?

The cleanse will be adapted to you. You will not engage in the fasting part of the cleanse.  It also depends on the age of your baby and frequency of the breastfeeds, this is not appropriate for mothers with newborns.  Please email to see if you will be able to engage in cleansing whilst breastfeeding.  


Why do I need a naturopathic consultation along with the cleanse?

The cleanse is individualised to your health needs and goals so in the appointment we will be varying the cleanse for you and your health needs.

The appointment includes a mini health assessment to make sure you don’t have any of the risk factors where a cleanse would be dangerous. You can claim on your health fund for the consultation part of the cleanse.


Can I do the cleanse outside of the dates?

It is possible but not encouraged, reach out to Emily if this is something you need to co-ordinate.


Am I likely to feel unwell on the cleanse

The cleanse will make you feel a little off on day 2/3 this is usually where the detox symptoms arise, headaches, muscle aches, stomach cramps, fatigue and mood fluctuations.  But after day 3 you feel much better and more energised and start sleeping much better. You will be fully supported through this time by myself and hopefully your partner or friend doing it with you that you will be able to ride through this easily.  The cleanse commences on the Friday for that reason, so you can spend Saturday/Sunday resting and detoxifying, lots of water, mild movement and relaxing. If you have small children I would recommend you have some help with looking after them for those 2 days so you can be with the process.


What do you need for the cleanse?

You will need an

  • internet connection, the PDF, and a facebook account.  If you don’t have a FB account then you can receive the live recordings of the talks I will be posting on the closed facebook page.  The juices will be delivered to your door so you don’t need to go anywhere to pick those up.

  • Willingness and courage – there will be moments where you will want to give up, but this is all perfect, you will have the connection with the online community where you can post your frustrations and be answered or held through that process

  • A friend – I highly recommend you do this with a friend so you can prepare together and encourage each other


What would I need to give up?

  • Wheat

  • Sugar

  • Alcohol

  • Caffeine

  • Recreational drugs

  • cigarettes


Can I do this if I am vegetarian?

Yes you can, there is a vegetarian version of the cleanse, however generally my nutritional philosophy is paleo based but I welcome any vegetarians who want to join us, It can be adapted.


I would love to do this cleanse but budget is an issue

There are payment plans available for the cleanse, you can pay as little as $60 per week for 5 weeks.


Will I need to continue to take my supplements throughout the cleanse?

No, there may be one or two you will need to stay on but generally this is a really good opportunity to give your body a break from taking supplements.  This will be addressed in the consultation associated with the cleanse.


When is payment due for the cleanse?

Payments are due on the day of your cleanse appointment.  You can pay via credit card, cash, eftpos or direct debit.


How do I book in?


Or email