Young Living essential oils are the purest most potent oils on the planet. I came across these oils many times before I jumped in and bought the starter kit.

I was like a duck to water being a herbalist and understanding the chemical constituents and the incredible therapeutic benefits BUT what I didn’t realise was they would become a fundamental in the everyday use for myself and my family.

They support us in so many ways

  • vibrationally and energetically - my three sons know how to be their own alchemists and use them (diluted) when they need them (or even innocently offer them to their ‘stressed out’ teachers and mama, very empowering for them)

  • nutritionally, to super charge our cooking and nutrient density

  • they are our ‘go-to’ for first aid, cuts, burns, cough, colds, calming and tummy troubles

  • they create a beautiful smell and vibration within our home

  • provide toxin free cleaning, personal care and make up to myself and my family

  • they have also provided a passive income and my monthly orders are now free

If this appeals and you would like to find out more about how you can invite this incredible company into your home and your children’s lives, OR create some passive income for yourself and your family then please email on